Villa Zachar

When a dream comes true

Villa Zachar is located below the High Tatras, close to the ancient town of Kežmarok, in the village of Ľubica. The Villa offers accommodation in 6 comfortable double rooms with the option to add a bed or a child´s bed depending on the room size. The Villa and its friendly staff will provide you with maximum comfort and best experience.

The Villa features a garden with 3 parking spaces. The house has 2 entrances - the central entrance for visitors and the entrance from the garden where guests may park their cars. Rooms are purposefully furnished. One of double rooms features a fully equipped kitchenette. The total number of beds is 12 but guests may order additional beds and/or child´s beds.

Villa Zachar guarantees quality accommodation for its guests.

The Villa was created through a full-scale reconstruction of an old house built in the 15th century. Originally, Mr. and Mrs. Zachar wanted to rent the house. Only later they started considering its transformation into a guest house giving the house a new life. They knew it would not be easy and they did not consider some reconstruction related challenges at all. Today, they are smarter and are fully aware of the fact that to rebuild a house from its very foundations and its maintenance require never ending work.

Within the reconstruction, they aimed to preserve some original elements of the house so that it maintains its nature and magic. Thick stone walls provide a pleasant cool environment in summer, save warmth in winter, and serve as a perfect sound insulation.

Space, cleanliness, and modern design with a touch of history.


History of Villa Zachar

The house is situated in the protected historical zone of the Ľubica village.

The village of Ľubica, Kežmarok District, is one of the oldest settlements within the Spiš region. The village is situated in the north-east of Slovakia, below the High Tatras, 630 m above the sea level, and very close to the district town - Kežmarok. In the 17th century, the village with its large lands ranked among the richest Spiš towns.

Medieval town parts have been preserved in Ľubica until these days, including the historical centre with a number of interesting buildings and structures. There are still some burgher houses and several types of farmer and craftsman houses. The most valuable historical house is the burgher house that currently serves as the seat of the Municipal Authority.

As any other old house, also this one has its own unique story that has been reflected in its current appearance. The house built in the 15th century originally belonged to the family that included both farmers and craftsmen and its owners used to be the richest people in this little town, which fact is evidenced by the generous layout and height of the house and facade decorations. The entire house is crossed by a hall leading from the main entrance to the door opening to the garden, which used to serve also as a way to enter the backyard.

During WWII, the house owned by Scholtz hosted KARMANIN, a British spy who pretended to be a big supporter of Hitler in Slovakia (source: grandfather Vlado Klimeš). The house changed hands over years until it was bought by Mr. and Mrs, Zachar in June 2016.

History of Villa Zachar

Our services

We can help you plan activities for you, your family, and friends and give you advice as to which places to visit to make your stay up to your expectations.

Villa Zachar - services

Parking in the garden

A private car park interconnected with the garden is situated behind the Villa. The house may be entered also directly from the car park.


The lounge is ideal for common activities, games, and enjoying company of others while watching TV or drinking a good wine.
Discounts are provided for stays exceeding 3 nights.


Our guests may enjoy an open-air fireplace where they may warm up and even roast something delicious.

Garden with a terrace

Relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and savor quiet moments in our fragrant garden.